Across the UK, the risk of burglary is continuously rising throughout business premises and households, with many people still not giving enough attention to making sure they are protected.

Potential intruders are more aware than ever when it comes to alarm and security systems, with many forms of these safety precautions not set up to do the job they are there to do in the first place.

It helps to actually put yourself in the mind of a burglar when it comes to considering the security measures of your business and home. Are there easy access routes? Is it a one-way in one-way out system? Are there potential breach points? When you take these factors into consideration, it is much easier to decipher whether you are using the correct and most up to date technology to protect your assets. Here is a question for you…how often do you think burglary of business premises and households is committed in the UK?

  • Every 4 days
  • Every 4 hours
  • Every 40 minutes

The answer? None of the above…it is every 40 seconds!

And yet, business owners are not willing to keep themselves securely protected at all times. Just in the time you have been reading this so far, 4 major burglaries have potentially took place.

This is why it is vital that your alarm systems are modern, containing the latest technology there is to offer; modern security alarms ensure an advanced level of protection for homes and business premises. By supporting alarms with other forms of security measures such as surveillance cameras and access control points, it will make the job 100x more difficult for intruders to access your premises.


So…what kind of modern alarms work best?


Intruder alarms can be set up in a variety of ways. By having this option available to alter the settings of your alarm, you can complete your own checks on the system, putting the setting on different modes throughout the year. You could want the alarm to be sound only for a particular stretch of time, then for the next 3 months want it to be set up fully monitored. This means the alarm can be set up to call you when activated or send you a text message straight to your mobile. This gives you, as a business and homeowner, the ultimate peace of mind of knowing you are in control and are kept up to date by your system at all times.

Modern fire alarms are essential in protecting your business, employees, family and property. These fire alarm systems detect either smoke or heat in the property and will alert those inside via an audible alarm and sound alarm. These can also be manually operated if a fire is detected by pushing a manual call point. These systems can incorporate smoke and heat sensors, CO (carbon monoxide) detectors, safe protection, smoke cloak machines and the turning off/on of outside lighting. The modernisation of this type of alarm gives you conventionality when it comes to the device, with greater information capacity and control flexibility.

The rest of 2022 will prove to be a huge step forward in the world of security alarms. Burglars are unaware of the power and control they hold when used correctly. The most up-to-date systems will ensure your premises is kept safe and secure, alerting you directly and sounding aloud if activated, sending a clear message to you and to the burglar that they have been caught in the act. When you combine these systems with the power of CCTV (which we haven’t even mentioned!), there is nowhere to hide for these criminals!