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fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Foxmoor Fire and Security is a leading and renowned security company in Gloucestershire, providing many local businesses with our impressive security service, including the likes of Gloucester City FC in Gloucester. With advanced technology, we design and deliver each type of security for your premises, including high-tech fire alarms. We offer you the complete feeling of safety and peace of mind with our advanced security system.

Fire Alarms in Gloucestershire

Providing fire safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week at each and every moment is what Foxmoor Fire and Security ensure with every job. A fire protection system boosts the security of your premises. While prevention is the main focus of any fire management system, detecting is a vital part of it in case of fire, with our systems clearly indicating when a fire is present. The most crucial part of the installation process however is that your system is designed correctly and working efficiently to provide you with the best alarm-sounding possible. We design and install Fire Alarms in Gloucestershire according to your requirements and considering your premises. We guarantee your safety, and our fire alarm system assures 24/7 activation, detecting and notifying each risk to save your life, property, and possessions to minimise potential loss or severe damage.

fire alarms

24/7 Fire Alarm protection in Gloucestershire

If you are looking for the best fire protection service for your premises, then Foxmoor Fire and Security is at your service with the most suitable solutions made specifically for you! We offer a wide range of Fire Alarms to protect your home, office, factories, and premises.

We customise, design, install and upgrade fire protection systems according to your needs. We offer aspirating fire & smoke detection systems, fire detection & alarm systems, notifier fire alarm systems, wireless fire alarms, and many more. Our team of experts guarantee the best design and service for you that works perfectly and continuously, giving you one less thing to think about around the home/office. Contact Foxmoor Fire and Security and get the best fire alarm service in Gloucestershire, with the peace of mind knowing you are protected at all costs..

Conventional Fire Alarm System

This was the traditional system that activated an alarm when a fire started, and although you can zone your sensors to the panel and get a general idea of where the fire is, it does not pinpoint the exact location of the fire.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System

Analogue addressable panels are more advanced than their conventional counterparts with greater information capacity and control flexibility, the analogue panel identifies exactly which sensor has been activated specifically.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarms require no cabling between the panel and the fire devices making for a quick and tidy installation, wireless fire alarms are perfect for listed buildings or where you do not wish to damage the decor of a property.

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Foxmoor Fire and Security Gloucestershire have seen the pain and devastation caused by unwanted intrusion and fires over the last 20 years, and that’s why we offer our renowned home and business security check FREE OF CHARGE.