There has been a significant decrease in the number of burglaries over the past 2 years, which is a good thing, but if you look behind the statistic, it’s not that difficult to understand why!

The past 2 years have seen us all having to endure the pandemic lockdown restrictions, meaning that because we were all stuck at home, the opportunity of theft from our homes was significantly reduced.  Added to this is the fact that the lockdown restrictions applied to the very perpetrators too, not just us – meaning that there were no burglars at large and no opportunity to burgle either.

But now that lockdown restrictions are easing and we’re getting back to work, away from our homes for long periods,  we’re sure to see a surge in the number of domestic thefts over the next 18 months or so, particularly when it’s been well documented that during lockdown, many of us have been spending money on home improvements and technology.

So, if you’ve not considered installing an intruder alarm at your house, we’ll give you 5 BIG BENEFITS why you should be thinking about it.

1.  Intruder alarms deter criminals

Just the clear physical presence of an intruder alarm on the outside of your home is a deterrent to burglars.  It’s suggested that up to 84% of intruders avoid properties where an intruder alarm is clearly present.  So, you could clearly deter any potential thief by 84% just installing a basic intruder alarm!

2. Intruder alarms provide a safer environment

As most of us are getting back to normal working practices, including office-based jobs, some people will continue to work from home.  The presence of an intruder alarm will help keep their home safe, particularly if they have an office slightly away from the house itself.  Equally, in bad lighting during the winter months, an intruder alarm can incorporate technologies that can turn control your outside lighting, giving you peace of mind if you’re alone at home.

3.  Intruder alarms will allow you instant response time

Monitored alarm systems will instantly inform you when there’s unusual movement on your premises.  They will automatically alert you with either a text, phone message or a signal to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).  Response times to opportunistic burglars is critical.  The quicker we can respond, the higher the chance of the police apprehending the intruder.

4.  Intruder alarms reduce your insurance premiums

Not only will you protect your home from theft, deter criminals from entering your property, have peace of mind and a safe environment to work and live in, you’ll also reduce your home insurance premiums.

As intruder alarms are becoming more and more sophisticated and can now incorporate smoke and heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, safe protection, smoke cloak machines and outside lighting controls, it’s worth talking to a home security specialist company to make an informed choice on the best  model for you.  It’s also worth speaking with your Insurance Company when you’ve had it fitted.

5.  Intruder alarms can increase your property values

This benefit is often over-looked but is another good reason why you should be considering an intruder alarm in 2022.  Property prices are on the rise and demand is outstripping supply, but if you’ve got an intruder alarm fitted and working properly, it can be a key feature when selling your property over a similar property that doesn’t.

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