CCTV and alarm systems have a variety of benefits, including the deterring of physical threat, increased remote monitoring, improved peace of mind and evidence collection. A key benefit that is often overlooked, however, is the ability that CCTV and alarm systems have in helping reduce insurance premiums for you and your home. Since statistical evidence has indicated that homes without alarm or security camera systems are far more likely to be broken into, this could help save you a substantial amount of money in the future and is something well worth thinking about if you are considering getting CCTV or alarm systems installed.


Insurance companies tend to be more interested in the installation of alarm systems in your home, but having CCTV installed in your home provides an excellent physical deterrent against intruders. The more secure you can make your home, the lower your insurance premium should be. This is simply because there is far less chance of you making a burglary claim, and so consequently there is less risk for your insurance provider. A home insurance provider will generally to be looking for a nicely integrated, thoughtfully planned home security system, such as those provided by us here at Foxmoor.

It is worth notifying your insurance provider if you choose to get CCTV installed in your home. Cameras such as these can help with the collection of evidence should your home be broken into, and so if nothing else you are going to be saving yourself a substantial amount of time and money in the event of a break-in.

Make sure that if you do choose to get CCTV installed, you inform your neighbours you have done so. This is because you want to make sure that if your cameras are directed at their property, they are comfortable with this. If the CCTV system is capturing imagery beyond the boundary of your property, including public footpaths or streets, then your system is also subject to data protection laws.


Intruder alarms are by far one of the most effective ways to reduce home insurance premiums and deter the threat of break-in. However, whether or not your insurance premium is reduced will depend on your insurance provider. Making sure that they understand you have a comprehensive security system is key. Alarms which also have motion detectors and sensors are even more valuable, as they can make setting off the alarm easier and prove to your insurance provider that you are serious about the security in your home.

Research has indicated that the chances of you being burgled are massively reduced by a quality alarm system. Even if you do not have simple security measures implemented, this can make your home five times more likely to be burgled, putting you at serious risk of paying out in the future.

At Foxmoor, our intruder alarm systems can be set up to call you when activated or send you a text message if you’d prefer, offering greater peace of mind to the user. Burglar alarm systems have become very versatile with the advancement of technology, and systems can now incorporate smoke and heat sensors, CO (carbon monoxide) detectors, safe protection, smoke cloak machines and the turning on or off of outside lighting. All of intruder alarms come both wired and wireless.

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