Great Summer Home Security Tips

Summer is coming, and with it brings a revitalised approach to home security during these months. The more relaxed atmosphere and warmer weather of summer can potentially make your house vulnerable to fires and burglaries during this time of the year. In keeping with this, we wanted to present you with some of the best summer home security tips that you can start implementing as soon as possible! Make sure to remember some of these when you’re out enjoying yourself this summer, for the safety of you and your home.

Keeping gardens and sheds locked

Regularly going in and out of the garden during summer means that it’s highly important we keep our garden, outbuilding, or shed doors entirely locked when not in use. Sheds, in particular, can be one of the most prime targets for potential robbery. This is especially true if valuable items such as lawn mowers, bicycles and gardening equipment are in there. Because of that it is especially important to keep your shed in the best condition possible so that it can withstand substantial force from would-be intruders. Investing in a strong lock is therefore highly important.

Check smoke/fire alarms

During the summer your garden is going to be much drier and hotter than it normally would be, creating the perfect conditions for fires to produce and spread rapidly. Making sure that you have smoke and fire alarms which are fully capable and operational in the appropriate places in your house can be perfect for properly detecting danger around the garden and house area. BBQs are one of our favourite British pastimes in summer but can be particularly bad for events such as those described here, so make sure to take extra care during these moments!

Keeping an eye on open windows and doors

When it starts getting stuffy and stiflingly hot inside, opening doors and windows becomes increasingly tempting, but it can make your house highly vulnerable to burglaries. A great way to reduce this risk is by only opening doors or windows when people are in the room. Remember to lock and close these when you are leaving the house or are out the garden keeping busy.

Being sensible

Even the tiniest of actions can go some way to effectively deterring burglaries in the future. Purposefully not having any of your valuables on display for passers-by to view is always a good idea as it makes your house far less inviting for anyone who might consider intruding. Keeping house and car keys as far away from doors and windows as possible will also present challenges for any burglar who enters the home.

Following these simple tips will help to keep your home more protected this summer and make it less vulnerable to any potential burglaries or fires. However, intruder alarms, CCTV, and fire alarms add a further level of protection that even the greatest of tips and advice cannot adequately fulfil. Luckily for you, at Foxmoor Fire and Security we provide essential advice and implementation of security systems designed to help you in case the worst happens to you or your home. By checking out our website here you can gather more information on the kinds of services that we might be able to help you with!

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