If your business has been victim to a burglary, it can be a shocking and deeply upsetting experience. This is an entirely normal response, but there are also steps we can take to ensure that your business is secured in the future. Immediately after a break in, it’s important that you begin dealing with the relevant authorities and collecting any evidence while managing any insurance matters. Below are some of the most important steps that need to be considered in the event of a burglary.

Call the police

Calling the authorities must be done before anything else. The sooner you report the crime, the sooner any potential criminal is caught. If you believe that the intruder is still inside, remain outside and call the authorities somewhere else. If the burglar has already gone, avoid going inside and touching potential evidence.

Tell your bank

Blocking any credit or debit cards that were inside the premises is also important. Most importantly, ensure anything that has your financial data contained within it has not been pinched. In the event it has, inform your bank immediately.

Creating a list of stolen goods

If you already have an inventory sheet, noting what has gone missing should not be a difficult task. Checking over absolutely everything in the building is essential. Where relevant, include details in your list, especially with things like prices, serial numbers etc.

If used items have been taken, such as computers, television sets or other identifiable items, write down any identifying marks you might find on them, such as cracks, stickers etc. This could help the police find the missing items. Collecting any receipts you might have for the missing items is also important.

Noting the damage

Take pictures and write down any examples of damage that you can see has been done to the building. This might include door damage or windows that have been broken. Whatever damage has happened should be reported.

Contacting your insurance company

Every business should have some form of insurance in place, and this would be the time to make the most of it. Your insurance company will help you in filling out the right forms and making the right claims. You will most likely want proof of the police report in order to do this.

Replacing broken windows

Damaged areas of the building will need to be replaced as soon as you are able. If your business is left without a window or with a door leaning over to one side, it will be an open invitation for further criminal activity. Call in a repair person to fix any windows and clear up any broken glass.

Calling a locksmith

Now would be the time to call in a locksmith. They will aid you in choosing a more appropriate door and installing it for you. If your business has more than one door, replacing them with a stronger model is ideal. Metal door frames are also preferred for additional strength. These frames are stronger than other forms of door frame and are easier to install. If your building is equipped with a durable metal frame, it will be much more difficult for anyone to break in.

Upgrading security

Most important of all, you will need to effectively upgrade your security to prevent any further criminal activity. At Foxmoor Fire and Security, we offer a comprehensive range of intruder alarm systems that are specially designed for you and your property, as well as CCTV systems that can act as a deterrent, helping to direct security or staff to the area of your property at risk, or if the burglary occurs at your property, the cameras will allow you to collect evidence to locate and convict the offenders involved.

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