Here are Some Benefits of Access Control Systems

Door access control systems do exactly as their name implies – they provide controlled access to property or specific rooms within a property. This is usually for businesses, where there are requirements for only staff to be present on the premises, and are restricted to certain areas of the building. The system will therefore restrict exactly who you want to enter the building, and you will be able to monitor and restrict who has access to what buildings or rooms. With this in mind, let’s dig deeper into the benefits of these access control systems.

Tracked entry

Controlling who can enter rooms, buildings and sites allows businesses to identify exactly how many people are in a particular area. this is crucial if you encounter an event such a fire, where businesses will then have the data to confirm who is being accounted, which could save you crucial time in the case of an emergency.

During the pandemic, the importance of building capacity and managing rooms increased drastically, especially since newer restrictions were put in place. If you have an access control system that can monitor all of this for you, the relevant individual can be alerted when capacity is at its height.

Restricted access

Access control systems help to reduce crime and provide protection by restricting any unauthorised access to a site, room, or building, while protecting existing staff from any potential threat that could include harassment or abuse.

Restricting access to specific areas within a certain building could also present certain individuals within a business from having access to overly sensitive information that needs to be protected, or expensive equipment.

Reduction in risk

The risk of physically losing keys and any potential disruption might be negated by access control systems. Lost entry cards can be instantaneously removed from a given system, which eliminates the security risk, and then a replacement fob or card can be issued within minutes. This could also reduce the potential for additional costs, which could include new door locks for an entire worksite, in the worst-case scenario.

The access for any member of staff who leaves the business without any notice can additionally be removed at the simple click of a button, helping to remove any potential security risk.

Managing people

Well-designed access control systems can provide valuable data to any business. The time that a person leaves and enters a building can be effectively tracked through an access control system, highlighting any lateness or unauthorised breaks.

Remote access

Since the majority of businesses are not staffed 24/7, meaning that there are frequently times when cleaners, suppliers, or delivery drivers etc. require access outside of normal business hours. Temporary access codes or video intercom systems can be implemented to grant someone entry to those staff requiring access during these designated times.

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