If you are looking for an access control system for your door, generally, it costs you £400 to £1,200. However, every entry can have a different cost depending on the features that come with the system. When researching access control systems, factors such as installation and labor costs, purchasing components separately or together, ease of setup, and scalability must be considered. 

This post will look at the cost per door for various access control systems so that customers can make informed purchase decisions based on their requirements and budget.

What Is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a security system used to manage and monitor the entry of personnel into a building, facility, or area. It typically includes technology such as key cards, biometric scanners, ID badges, door locks, and other security devices to identify individuals and restrict their access to specific resources based on their identity. Access control systems are often employed in business buildings or organizations where authentication or authorization is necessary for secure areas and sensitive information. An access control system can help protect against unauthorized access while granting the right people quick and easy access when needed.

What Are The Different Types Of Access Control Systems?

The different types of access control systems include physical security systems, such as locks and keys; 

  • Electronic access control systems, such as card readers and biometric scanners.
  • Software-based access control systems, such as identity and authentication management tools.
  • Decentralized token-based access control systems, such as public critical cryptography solutions.
  • Centralized user privilege management systems. 

Each type of system has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific need or application.

Access Control System Cost Per Door

The cost of access control systems per door in the UK typically ranges from £400 to £900 depending on the type of system, complexity, and features required. Entry-level systems may start as low as £300, while more advanced solutions can reach up to £1200 or higher. Additional factors such as maintenance costs, installation needs, and support will also affect the total cost.

How To Calculate Cost Per Door For an Access Control System

The cost per door for an access control system is calculated by taking the total cost of the system, including installation and other services related to the system, and dividing it by the total number of doors included in the system. This will give you a good indication of your costs on a per-door basis. Other factors, such as maintenance fees or future upgrades, should also be considered when calculating your overall cost per door access control system.

Cost Factors Of Access Control System

An access control system’s costs include hardware and software components, such as readers, card systems, electronic locks, and controllers. Additionally, a significant factor is whether or not the system will be wired or wireless in its communication infrastructure. The costs associated with cabling and installation labor are relatively high in a wired system. The prices of the components, installation labor, and radio frequency transmitters in a wireless system need to be factored in. These cost factors can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the access control system chosen. Other considerations that may affect the cost include any maintenance fees or service contracts associated with ongoing support and management of the system. The cost of replacing lost or stolen access cards must also be factored in. 


Installing an access control system can be a cost-effective way to protect your premises and manage the comings and goings of personnel. Still, it’s essential to understand the factors affecting the total cost per door when investing in this security system.