Out of date surveillance equipment or poor camera quality security has been the downfall to many businesses in the past. Despite the ever-growing threats of theft, vandalism, and break ins to which every business is vulnerable, some businesses still do not prioritise security when it comes to protecting what they work hard for each and every day.

Business owners may try to save money through not having a security appliance at all, with many avoiding crucial features such as access control and security officers. The truth is, being unwilling to invest in your business’ security will come back to bite you some day or another. the risks that poor security at your business can pose far outweigh the small costs that you will save by investing in a system today!

1. Increase of Theft and Vandalism

It comes as no surprise to learn that security cameras and intruder alarms act as a HUGE deterrent to burglars, as statistically, having security in place reduces the risk of burglary by up to 90%. Especially in these winter months, the rate of break-ins raises by 20%, with more insurance claims made in the winter in comparison to any other season. With no security in place, simply put, your company is vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

the easier it is for people to get away with theft the more it will attract that type of activity. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increase of incidents occurring and even lead to more serious activity preventing potential business growth. Therefore, your company needs to invest in the proper security such as surveillance cameras, access control systems and intrusion monitoring system that will work best for your company.

2. Employees Feeling Unsafe

If your employees feel as if they’re not being protected at the premises they work at, how do you expect them to work to the best of their ability? If your employees are aware of your poor security system, they are likely to feel at risk. If your building is easy to enter or often the target of theft or vandalism, employees will not feel safe in their workplace. Employees will lose motivation for the job they do, contributing to this negative work environment. When your employees come to work, they want to feel safe and protected, and strong security is the best way to ensure this sense of safety.

3. Legal Liability

If your customers, clients, vendors or suppliers can prove you didn’t take responsible care of their property or data, you could suffer extreme legal damages. Or even if your case has been thrown away, this can ultimately damage the reputation of your business for good. The reputation of your business will also be affected if the premises is not theft proof. When your building seems to have the latest technology, people feel safer. People want to frequent a business they trust and this is an essential way to do so.

It is important to take the necessary steps to safeguard your client’s data as well as personal safety of staff and clients themselves to reduce liability and improve security efforts. It is vital to keep information safe and secure to ensure only qualified personnel have access to information for business purposes only.

So … how can this be prevented?

For a robust level of home protection, alarm systems and security cameras are always the best sources of keeping your business premises safe and secure from burglary. Many individuals have alarm systems already but do not arm them because it is inconvenient. Many burglars know this and will not be deterred by a window sticker or sign indicating that the home has an alarm system. The best way forward is to have these visible appliances stand out at the front of your premises.  There are plenty of comprehensive alarm systems on the market, but having us at Foxmoor Fire & Security install one first-hand will send a clear message to potential intruders that your home or business is not an easy target.

Experts have stated that thieves can ‘spot the systems that aren’t as reliable’. It is important that if you’re looking to invest in a home security system, that it provides all-round protection. With us. We provide systems that have motion sensors, can be controlled with ease through an app (great for if you’re away on holiday) and even appliances which include automatic police response, which makes it more likely that your intruder will be caught if you are away from the premises.

Get in contact with us today and we can discuss all the options available to you!